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Providing an exclusive experience is essential in today’s nightlife industry. If you are hoping to attract celebrities, industry heavyweights, successful business people, professional athletes or even just large groups you need to create an atmosphere where the venue caters to this particular group.

What are some of the key elements of a VIP experience? First of all a VIP should not wait for anything, that includes not waiting to get into the club, not waiting for their space, not waiting to get their drinks. If your VIP guests are getting impatient that means you do not have enough wait staff assigned to them. Fix it!

VIP guests need to be recognized. It’s easy if it’s a celebrity or a famous ball player, but even ordinary people when they pay for the VIP experience deserve for the hosts and wait staff to learn their name.

Prepare for Different Experiences

Some people like to be in the center of attention and some people consider being away from the crowd to be most exclusive. In my travels to Europe and Asia I found that for example in Asia the most exclusive VIP experiences are actually not even visible to anyone. In US a lot of people want to be in the spotlight when they are VIP so that everyone can see them. It’s best to have VIP sections that cater to both types of customers.

Take the time to explain what you offer

You never know where your next VIP client is going to come from. A common mistake is that the staff focuses only on the person who is paying the bill. Often times a VIP brings other people of that same caliber with them. When all get attention and everyone understands the benefits of buying bottles or buying other VIP services you will get repeat business.

Be flexible

Some groups are trying to keep people out. Some groups want to bring people in. Your staff and your bouncers need to understand the difference in dynamics. For example: if you have a group of 5 guys who are partying in Vegas they will probably invite some girls to hang out with them. That’s where the VIP section bouncer needs to be smart and not enforce bracelets or stamps on them. Some other times you will see a bunch of people trying to crash a business person’s outing and those people are not at the club to meet anyone.