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Welcome to the National VIP!

National VIP is a directory of the hottest nightclubs, bars and restaurants in Vegas, LA, New York, Miami and San Francisco. Whether you are travelling or looking to explore your own city – check back with www.nationalvip.com often because new hotspots open up all the time.

In addition to basic information like phone and address you can see the recent photos to get a feel for the clientele and atmosphere at the top places in the city. There is no place on the web where you can get all that information consolidated in one location.

History of National VIP?

NationalVIP.com started our as an online marketplace for VIP sections but we quickly figured out that there is no reason to introduce a middle man between the owners and patrons. Instead the best thing to do is to let the users get the most information they can and connect instead of separate people.

Every listing has detailed address and phone number. The best way to get started is to give them a call and see what kind of VIP experience they will offer to win your business!

You can help

We have put together the best known algorithms to figure out the hottest places to go, but if you believe that there is room for improvement – let us know! We are always working on the best way to identify how to connect you to places that will provide a true VIP experience.