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Imagine this: you invite 5 of your best friends to join you for a birthday in Las Vegas. Your friends and you fly in and stay at one of the best places on “The Strip.” You all decide to go to one of the top clubs with the best looking crowd and the most amazing DJ and then… you spend 2 hours in line. By the time you get in it’s already 1:30AM and your friends are tired of standing around. When you are in the club it’s packed and getting to the bar to get a round of drinks is taking you another 20 minutes. It feels like the whole night is being spent waiting in lines. What a waste!

What would a night be like if you decided to make a VIP reservation? You would probably go to the front of the line. You would have a place to sit down and put down your stuff. You could get your drinks any time by pouring them yourself or letting an attentive waitress pour them for you. Yes you commit to a larger sum of money up front, but you are guaranteed to be fully focused on having fun.

What do you need to know

What do you need to know before making a reservation at a club or lounge of your choice? First of all you need to pick a great spot. Any place on www.nationalvip.com has been analyzed to be one of the best. That’s where people want to be, those are the places with long lines and best music.

You should call the venue and figure out how many bottles or what minimum you need to commit to in order to host a group like yours. Various places will have various deals and those can also change depending on the night. If there is a world famous DJ in that club you might be paying a premium.

Location, location, location… You want to figure out exactly where in the venue you are going to be sitting. You don’t want to at a table far from action – that means you will not want to spend any time there. If you are paying for a VIP table, make sure you figure out where it is and have it in e-mail or some other written form. Very often clubs will “bump” you to a lesser location if celebrities, friend or family decide to show up.

More tips!

Make sure you ask for the name of the VIP host or a manager. Nightlife industry is notorious for high turnover so there are always a lot of new people who do not know what’s going on or about the commitments that have been made. You want to have the name and the phone number of a person who can get you past security and who can sort out any issues that might come up (like getting bumped).

Once you take care of those three things you should be all set for a great night of fun. The club is interested in having your business again and again so they’d be stupid not to take care of you. Party on!